Onomatopoeia, or something like it

I often, when receiving some small piece of bad news in IM, respond with "eeeeeee."  This is meant to represent a sort of shared distress.  I realise, though, that when I am communicating by IM with Europeans, the sound of "eeeeeee" is closer to English "ehhhhhhh," which would rather communicate indifference or hesitation.  I suspect that the Europeans do not appreciate my indifference to their bad news.

Foreign-language communication has many pitfalls.  It should not be attempted.


  1. What are you doing up so late. Did you hear that the tribe scored 9 runs in the 7th to win in NY new park first game ever in their new park 10 to 2 great news for tribe fans not so for NY

  2. oh man, I never thought of that. I say eeee too...