A Joke that is Much Less Good than I Had Originally Thought

Upon arriving in Berlin on the 28th, I had my camera at the ready. Directly after landing in Frankfurt, I saw this truck. I thought to myself: “I do not think that the Germans understand the stereotype very well; it is German people who are supposed to be machine-like, not German machines that are supposed to be man-like.” My camera promptly ran out of batteries, and this is the only picture I retain from my day in Berlin before my flight to London. Let this be a lesson to you: replace your camera batteries!

It turns out that Man machines are also all over in England, whose citizens have no reputation for being machine-like. So the joke isn’t even good on technical grounds, putting aside for a moment its obvious lack of humour value. I am inclined to cut myself some slack, however, as I didn't really manage to sleep on the plane. Thanks, snoring, pillow-stealing Asian dude.

German word of the day: Mann. It means “Man.”

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