In which I am about to leave the country

Having up to now failed to produce any domestic memoranda but the first, I hereby produce the last.  I am going to use it to introduce a new feature: German Word of the Day.  This one is a reminder to myself.  A very important reminder.

German Word of the Day:

Danke:  This word means "Thank you."  In this capacity it is useful.  It also means "No, thank you."  In this capacity it is dangerous to unsuspecting foreigners, who upon thanking Germans for kindnesses are liable to face the withdrawal of these kindnesses.

Other things:  When I was in Ohio, I visited both Ken State University and Case Western Reserve University.  I read Howards End, a book which I recommend to those who have a calm time in their respective lives which they would like to fill with the reading of fiction.  I took some pictures:

This picture is a billboard for a secret society.  I did not get a pciture of the Illuminati billboard at the next exit.

This is what Ken State University looks like.

This is an Ohio license plate.  Yeah, Birthplace of Aviation!

My dog is super-awesome.  Her name is Shyanne.

I have no idea whither the time went.   I have finished the communication.


  1. your license plate doesn't have the county on it! :-( On car trips with my grandparents, we used to try to collect all the counties.

  2. Aha! The number 25 in the bottom left corner designates the county. 25 is Franklin County, wherein lies Columbus. My county, Richland, is 70.