The Beginning of my Web-Log


I am beginning a web-log, because I have promised most people that I know to begin a web-log, and because I can be relied upon to do exactly as I say I will do, in all situations and without exception.

Expect daguerrotypes and memoranda chronicling my various and sundry activities to appear here. Viewing these materials will aid you in procrastination...procrinsternationalisation.

An example memorandum: To-day I purchased a ticket for the aeroplane to Berline. I bought it through studentuniverse.com, which saved me $500. Let this be an example to you. I will be leaving from Port Columbus International Aeroport at 13:29 on 27 March. Before that I will be at home in Ohio, whence will proceed the occasional domestic memorandum. Most of people have probably never been to Ohio, so the memoranda will be educational and possibly inspirational.

I have finished the communication.

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